Sweet Earth First is a collection of bath, beauty, and healthful products made by hand in small batches at Sweet Medicine Ranch, located in the Appalachian mountains of Southwest Virginia (wow that's a mouthful.) Wild and cultivated herbs, flowers, and other all natural and organic ingredients are specially selected for our formulas. Our milk lotions and soaps are made with love with milk from our Alpine goat queens, Bonnie; Tess; and Venus.


Sweet Medicine Ranch

We like just hanging out at the ranch.






true love

Will you please

open the door,Tess?

A note from Pawnee: It's a stressful world we live in. It's also an unnatural one where we are disconnected from the Earth herself and captured indoors with electronic devices and subject to all manner of pollution. My passion is helping people find their inner peace and connection to Spirit, however they define it. Emotional Freedom Technique is the principle tool I use and teach to gently bring people into clarity about what they truly believe and to get to know themselves and enjoy who they truly are. I have personally used and been working as an EFT Practitioner since 2006, after receiving my EFT ADV certificate.  EFT has completely changed my life and it has helped the hundreds of clients who have generously trusted and allowed me to assist them on their personal and professional journey. If you are serious about self discovery and personal development contact me.